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3 March 2019
Happiness: An Art Show Hosted by The Fuzzy Pineapple
Free Admission
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Hi! In this show, multiple visual artists are finishing the statement “Happiness is…”The collaboration focuses on the origins and triggers of happiness. This can be expressed through realistic renderings or abstract themes such as color therapy, scents, or even sound. What makes you happy? Share it!How to Join/Submit Artwork:
You can display up to 10 works of art. You can submit up to 15 to contact@thefuzzypineapple.com —> subject header : Happiness Show Submission. You can also register online at https://thefuzzypineapple.com/happyPlease include your name and phone number as well as add the title, dimensions, medium, date of completion, and artist statement for each submission and price if you plan to sell your work at the show. There are no submisison fees, however, there is a 10% commission fee if you would like to sell your work (including prints, cds, etc.) Artwork must be dropped off at showcase site by 9 pm March 1.For questions about the show please message us on Facebook, via email, or via phone at 850-566-5661.#TFPHappy​
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